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Hello hello, after featuring alongside Dombrance for “The Witch”, the parisian based band Sourya comes back via Industry Of Cool to drop some sweet music upon our souls. They’ll be releasing their 12″ “Winterwind” EP on the 21st of December 2012 (the day the world ends apparently) as a vinyl and download. Today they dropped the video of their first extract : “Deadwalker” :

“Deadwalker” is 3 minute and 25 seconds of everything you’d want to have in a hit : Claps, beats, crashing cymbals, a weird voice you can singalong to the top of your lungs. It’s well produced, and makes me want to get up that chair and dance along. Or better yet, head out to the countryside, drive slow, or at least quick enough to match the beat and ‘oh-ah, ah-ah-ah‘ along on a deserted country road. Covered in snow or not.

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