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This is why I do not trust radios or other mainstream media, they will never be “risqué” enough to have the balls and broadcast something as good as that. It’s specialized blogs and outlets that have the corones to put people like Dombrance out there. If it wasn’t for an impromptu catch up with Yohan (he sings, plays guitar and runs errands for Banquise) the other day at Rouge Cafe in place du Marche St-Honore here in Paris, I think I would of never come across such a cool track. So yes, I love this track. Add to the fact he’s from Bordeaux, in the south west of France too. It grows, grows, grows and grows on you… for every listen you find out something new about the song… it’s apparently available at Colette store here in Paris (very near in fact to where we had our beers). Check out “The Witch” below featuring Sourya… be amazed :


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