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Ooooh the wonders of internet !

Because of internet, I fix my body with fun tracks daily – (and I spend countless hours on 9Gag too, don’t be fooled here) – giving it all the fun it needs. And this track was one of them today. Sent in by Johnny (one of the member of the DeLix posse), this “Doublement Bon” track is actually a great electro rock party starter, I honestly was pleasantly surprised. With a brilliant vocal cameo by, good high school pal Kino Pablo who happens to live in Manchester where DeLix hails from. They have a few tracks already waiting to be hit upon, so I won’t waste your precious time here with non-sense… DeLix are an electro, funk and disco band founded in Manchester, UK in 2011. And the members are, Johnny, Liv and Dave Dabblin’… They scored some pretty rad reviews from influential media outlets already. A video is in the works as I gather, so stay tunes. It promises to be kinda safari-esque… :

“If the dance scene had a kind of rock and roll element to it this would be the Crème de la crème” – BBC Introducing Manchester (Michelle Hussey)


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