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From Copenhagen (Denmark), comes SAINT CAVA. A fresh experimental R&B duo that recall the likes of Lion Babe and/or FKA Twigs. With a silky voice and deep soundscapes. This is one of the best new talent we’ve heard this week. Their debut track “Forget” is just beyond pure bliss. Take a listen above. Discovered by Camels & Lions via HumanHuman, a site for music discoverers you need to join if you’re THAT serious about discovering new talent…

Anyway having formed in 2014, there is not much about the duo themselves, aside from two tracks you can hear here along with sparse online presence. But Sodwee, being Sodwee, we’ve dug a little more and managed to unearth some vital pieces of information.

Saint Cava is a male/female duo made of producer Andreas Waze and singer/vocalist Ericka Casier Ramos Lizardo. The pair is currently working on a debut EP and you can watch the accompanying video (below), this one directed by Rasmus Rørbæk.

As you can imagine, we’re all hyped up about this new R&B from the most Northern parts of Europe. As they always tend to deliver great music…

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