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French rap artist T2i from Reims drop his latest single with quite the mileage on live performances and accolades from industry professionals around the French music scene. The French-Guyanese lad has the potential to secure much more as long as he keeps delivering on the witty lyrics, licked production beats and composition. Check out the latest single “Vem Ca” based off a brilliant sample from Seu Jorge’s instant hit song “Amiga da minha mulher” (click to view) and the laid-back flow reminiscent of Oxmo Puccino’s and on other occasions throughout the EPs brings back memories of 113 the French rap group.

With the promise of a bright future ahead for T2i, we do hope you’ll like the tracks as much as we did and don’t forget to download all of his previous work for FREE (yup, you heard that right) via River Side Music (his label) here.

You might want to know how “Vem Ca” track was made? Well T2i has made a Behind The Scenes instructional B-roll video for you all, enjoy:

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