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An Icelandic newcomer with a lengthy resumé of already released tracks we’ve just come across has managed to captivate our somewhat loose attention span this sunny Sunday afternoon.

Máni Orrason delivers a brand new single from an upcoming EP due out soon. Titled “I Swear It’s True”, this latest indie pop diamond of a track will have you sing along in less time it takes to spell his first name. The lyrics are relatable, easy to understand and the accompanying music gets under your skin like a welcome shiver of bliss as you hear a good track. I trust you know the feeling… Listen instead below.

The music video is also something to watch. Glittered-up and riding along through the city at night. Máni Orrason dives right into the thick of his love relationship and the emotional toll as he struggles through the long distance relationship he had to put up with. “I Swear It’s True” will be single numero dos, from his upcoming EP ‘Baby Angel’ due out in June of this year.

“When it’s us on the line, there’s no easy way out” 

Watch official video:

Half a decade has passed since Máni Orrason became famous overnight in his native country Iceland. He popped right into the center of the music world’s attention with his pop-folk hit ‘Fed All My Days‘, securing him his first festival slots.

The subsequent debut album “Repeating Patterns” as well as another EP (he’s quite prolific it seems) titled “Wake Me Yup” under his belt. Máni Orrason has what it takes to take his craft globally. With the help of an ever so present Icelandic music scene and their export power. We have absolutely no doubt he’ll manage just that and that why we wanted to share the great new music he’s been putting forward lately.


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