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There’s not a whole lot regarding July Quin on the internet. It looks as if ‘Demo 1’ is his debut, having been released two weeks prior to the submission of this write up. As far as debuts go, ‘Demo 1’ is pretty polished. It seems as if July knows what he wants to sound like and has taken some time to craft the production around his laid back vocals. He is credited as having handled the production, mixing and mastering – suggesting July Quin is a man in charge of his own musical journey.

Often debut tracks get everything thrown at them. They become an amalgam of all the influences, sounds and samples that have led an artist to that initial release. However, July’s is subtle and understated – letting his voice take centre stage; it sits atop a bed of guitars and dry, fizzy drums. Sizzling hi-hats pull the listener along as harmonics from the guitar fill the space behind July’s vocal melody.

There’s a lovely ad libbed section in the outro where the track starts to dip its toes into Jazz territory. Make no mistake, ‘Demo 1’ is an R&B number but it would fit into almost any set. It will remind you in parts of Blood Orange, Solange and other nuanced R&B artists – unostentatious yet cool in a way most of us will probably never manage.

Keep an eye out for July Quin over the next few months, the growth of his sound will be fascinating to watch. Definitely one for the future.

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