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Hey ! This brand new track featuring Jack White on vocals (just 3 days after announcing he split from Meg White) is called Two Against One and will be featured on the “Rome” album coming out ON MAY 17th in the US, and on May 16th in Europe.

It’s a killer track and I wouldn’t mind listenning to more, listen to the track “Two Against One” below and Check out the tracklisting :


Tracklist for Rome:

01. Theme Of Rome
02. The Rose With The Broken Neck
03. Morning Fog (interlude)
04. Season’s Trees
05. Her Hollow Ways (interlude)
06. Roman Blue
07. Two Against One
08. The Gambling Priest
09. The World (interlude)
10. Black
11. The Matador Has Fallen
12. Morning Fog
13. Problem Queen
14. Her Hollow Ways
15. The World


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