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Tatum’s new single “Fever” out February 28th through Bad Future Records will take you on a desperate search for air. As the young South African teen takes it away.

“Fever”, Tatum’s second single off her upcoming EP and after signing with booking agency Primary Talent International, is another top example of minimalistic songwriting, powerful lyrics and expertly laid vocals, controlled to their absolute best by South African singer-songwriter Tatum. Another example of what I actually like about a track: The chaos is forcefully depicted, analyzed and brought to life with such oomph on the chorus it leaves you wanting much more.

And more, you do indeed get. With each passing verse, comes another layer of that dreamy, artisan-crafted chorus you were longing in the first instance. It’s a beauty throughout, that only needs to be played to take in its shadowy vocals and bold lyrics in their fullest.

Tatum has already released a debut single titled “Broken” a while back. And today announces “Fever”. 2020 is her year. Dabbling in alternative pop, the young 18-year-old songstress is getting prepped for a dizzying year ahead. Touring and opening for established acts, she’ll no doubt bring her clever, distinctive Lorde / Lana Del Rey hybrid to our European shores soon enough.

On the meaning of “Fever”, Tatum says:

“This song is about letting the wrong person into your life, about loving someone who is dangerous. Intense love can feel like a fever, but a fever is usually a sign of a deeper infection. It’s ultimately a kind of ruinous attraction. It talks about being sucked into a noxious relationship but because it looks so beautiful and the attraction is so powerful, it becomes an almost poetic and beautiful one way ticket to failure,”


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