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From our favourite Blog HarderBloggerFaster :

It’s no secret that we think Dutch funk producer Shook is amazing. So when we heard a new remix from him we got all giddy with excitement.

He’s injected some of his funky grooves into platinum selling Danish singer Fallulah. Fallulah is virtually unknown aside from her home country Denmark where she is a platinum selling artist, was #1 on iTunes Denmark, and produced the theme song “Out Of It” for one of Denmark’s leading comedy series called “Lykke” on national Danish television.

The Black Cat Neighbourhood by Fallulah

The resulting remix is a playful piece of synth pop full of doughy keys, playful percussion, funk grooves and Fallulah’s cushion-soft vocals. It’s excellent. Shook in cruise control :

I Lay My Head – Shook Remix by Fallulah

Download here.

And to top this little bundle of funky joy there’s a second remix which can be downloaded from Fallulah Facebook page.

Fallulah: Facebook



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