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Pr0files, that sensational duo from Los Angeles have cemented their debut with a couple of tracks that we covered earlier last year. ‘Forgive’ and ‘Call Yourself A Lover’ were really well produced tracks by Danny Sternbaum and Lauren Pardini’s vocals were totally on point. Listen (below) to these two track, before you move on to today’s just released track ‘Get it Up’ that brings Pr0files well into 2015 and promises to take the band to new heights with their electro-pop

Sternbaum & Pardini first collaborated 7 years ago with the likes of yet unknown Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex).

Pr0files are dropping ‘Get It Up’, an addictive, glittery disco-esque and definitely very Bee-Gees tinged track with a chorus that will stick with you after the first spin. With more to come very soon, the band is set to break more waves over the year. Keep a close eye ! Mamma-Mia !

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