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Róisín Murphy, ladies and gentlemen is returning with her new album “Hairless Toys” on May 11th to our great pleasure. It’s been close to 8 years and we cannot wait ! Her first track, also the first one off of the album is called ‘Gone Fishing’. And it really doesn’t disappoint. Fans of Grace Jones, Casablanca Records, and afficionados of jazz, country and gospel : behold. You’re in for a treat. Murphy’s longtime time friend and producer Eddie Stevens is still on duty and delivers a rich, full bodied production. And “Gone Fishing” is the perfect taster- ice breaking number to close that long of a hiatus.

This is what Róisín Murphy had to say about the track :

This song was written after I watched the documentary film Paris Is Burning, having read an article which referenced it in a discussion about House music’s origins in black, gay culture. I was deeply moved by this film.  “I had to run this far from home” – it’s about the outcasts who could never fit into mainstream society and how they created a safe place in the drag ‘Ball’ scene of New York in the ‘80s.  “Will we live on?  The children of La Beija” refers to the ‘house’ of Pepper La Beija, who was one of the most notable figures on the scene, Pepper is also quoted in Malcolm McLaren’s song on the same subject ‘Deep In Vogue’.  The culture was a flamboyant reaction to persecution and disillusionment, the imagination and bravery of these kids is simply awe-inspiring. I envisioned Gone Fishing almost as a song from a Broadway musical version of this story. The making of one’s own world, a safer world and the creation of a new, better family in music or youth culture is a theme I touch upon elsewhere on my album Hairless Toys.

So the album is due out on May 11th and here’s the tracklisting :

  1. Gone Fishing

  2. Evil Eyes

  3. Exploitation

  4. Uninvited Guest

  5. Exile

  6. House Of Glas

  7. Hairless Toys (Gotta Hurt)

  8. Unputdownable

Start checking her out if you haven’t already. She’s a classic golden nugget you need to cherish as soon as possible ! Over and out.

 ‘Gone Fishing’ is taken from Róisín Murphy’s new album ‘Hairless Toys’ due May 11th via Play It Again Sam ! Pre-order from iTunes

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