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A forward thinking Cracki Records (Parisian label) are releasing a wonderful EP today, happily named Porco Mio, by uber-group sensation Los Porcos. The band is an amalgam of WU LYF, Ménage à Trois and FAMY group members based, for most of them, in Manchester, United Kingdom. Offering a sunny spell, cutting through the thickness of today’s grey clouds with a lighthearted sound, and brilliantly composed, guitar-led, five track EP that we can only recommend. They joined forces 2 years ago and already performed at the best Southern festival in France (Midi, I feel you) before going under the radar for a while. Sporadically uploading a track and then going in the studio I guess to put some tunes down for this release named Porco Mio :

  1. Porc Noise Complaint
  2. Fuckin’ a Jones
  3. Jone’s Disco
  4. Waterfall
  5. Do you Wanna Live?

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