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Out of the shadows comes DARWIN, a producer from France, whose beats gives life to the night. DARWIN isn’t “Shy” when it comes to churning out jazzy butterfly vocals, a sexual style reminiscent of Black Atlass. His track “Lose Her” takes listeners on a time warping journey, a throwback to the times when music was all about the bass drop. But that addictive expectation falls short and instead listeners are given a chill come down. A gratifying feeling.

When it comes to letting the atmosphere do the talking, DARWIN knows how to make that happen. His most recent track “It Hurts” keeps lyrics simple while the eclectic beats take over. It’s a perfect master of chill and trap. And not only does it put him in the books as one to watch, but it also gives listeners a glimpse of how he’s evolving. His tracks are available for free download, so give them a spin now and let DARWIN get on your radar.

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