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Los Porcos come from “New Pork City”, a wild guess will have you find the real original city. Their members Tom, Joseph and Evan from WU LYF as well as three other members from FAMY and Profondo call themselves “Disco House Pigs”. They got something rather extra-ordinary going on. Who said Disco House was dead and long gone ? Well they’re about to rock it out with some quality tracks and believe me, their debut track is insanely good, it’s called ‘Do You Wanna Live?’ and you can hit play just below to embrace the awesome dollops you’re about to hear :

It’s funky fresh, and well produced. You’ll hear much more from them as summer line-up and festivals unfold. Be sure to catch them live when they tour as they will just blow your mind off.

Los Porcos - Sodwee.com

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Thanks again for stopping by. Best, Ben.