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Sony & Columbia can swerve on this middle one.

Today, I had the displeasure of finding out that half of the entire planet, precisely, Asia and France could not listen to / let alone review ZHU‘s newest single off his upcoming 14-track album “GENERATIONWHY” set to be released July 29th on Columbia Records.

So this is my way of saying “fuck you” big corporations for wasting my precious time, the artist’s precious time and finally going down on the esteem of your fans, customers and potential future culture buyers. As a gracious effort to have us French, and Asian people know what is supposedly a rather good track, with a supposedly great guitar introduction. The supposedly fanciest riff i’ve heard in the last months… As well as one of the supposedly strongest tracks on the record… I have decided to have it here, UNLOCKED FOR ALL the potential fans out there unable to discover good music because of the stupidest rules to EVER grace the music industry. All of it, at everyones expense : artist, PRs, labels, and above all YOUR FANS.

Not only that, but there’s French speaking vocals at the end of the track (see I did listen to the entire track before uploading it). Goes to show how you consider your potential customers here in France and Asia for that matter.

Have you heard of a thing called Internet ?

But alas, for those of you who come across a Geo-locked/blocked “Palm Of My Hand”, you can hear it below. Heck even download it ! (right-click on track below, save target as…). It’s here for your listening pleasure :

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  1. “Palm of my Hand” will be out in France next week on the label “Because Music”.

    Glad you uploaded it tho, gotta prove a point.

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