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Love in the internet age is no simple concept. On “ANALOG!”, Virginia-native Juhhad Leone gets back to the roots of what makes for a real connection and, as the title promises, there’s nothing digital about it.

From the first jazzy guitar chord, “ANALOG!” exudes exactly the kind of organic, pure vibes we tend to forget about when we’re living online. The instrumentation is full of vintage influences, from the keys to the soulful backing vox and everything in between, with Juhhad‘s vocals effortlessly blending from singing into rapping and back again as he lays out his feelings of non-digital love.

Are you sure that you want you me, it’s cool if you go leave now

I put you through so much, the struggle made us complete how

Do we manage every task, Ctrl Alt Delete files

Pray this last forever and things get better when we smile

The style is fresh, the voice is smooth, and the message is pure – what else could you ask for? Take a Twitter break and get this one spinning.

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