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With a full-length debut album titled “Get Well Soon” dropping on July 17 via Nettwerk, artist St. South a.k.a. Olivia Gavranich delivers a brand new piano ballad single that features some interesting lyrics touching on heartbreak, grief and self-love through the form of a compelling portrait.

St. South says about the track:

 The first few days post-break-up can be raw and confusing. Anger slowly starts setting in, alongside confusion and desperation. This track is about being alone in my house the days following my partner leaving me and questioning all of the possible reasons why she did. Trying to complete household chores was a mundane task which left me questioning even the firmness of my bed not being enough for her: ‘I hang out the washing, I’m not what she wanted. I’m folding the laundry, was my bed too hard for you after all?’ I brought in all of the drums for the last chorus as a juxtaposition for the line ‘I’m not angry yet.’

St. South is the moniker for Australian singer-songwriter-producer Olivia Gavranich. She self-released her debut EP Nervous Energy in 2016. She dropped her second release with 2017’s Inure and is currently working on new music. Without any outside support and no touring history, St. South has already built a steady and dedicated fanbase, with over 23,000 fans across social and a large following amongst the most trusted blogs from around the internet.


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