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As picked up by a few blogs already, thinking of Camelsandlions.com and also Lesoundrivin.com. This newcomer from the Australian folk scene has pretty much what we really need in that void of time between the end school days, and the summer holiday. When it’s rather fine weather out there, but not as much fun as you’d want it to be. You know that buffer time before hell good times unleashes upon your soul. Well St. South would totally fit in that description. Bringing very touching folk songs to the table, brilliant remixes of Bon Iver (also a winning track in one of his remix contests…). The girls has much talent. We’ll be hearing a lot more from her, let us warn you. In the meantime, get ahead of the regular Joe / Jane, indulge and share the good find with like minded pals :


“Olivia Gavranich is from Fremantle, Australia. The name ‘St. South‘ is a nod to her childhood, having been raised in the small country town of Denmark, 5 hours South of Perth. It was here that Olivia received her informal musical education, immersed in the tunes of an eclectic mix of artists: from Elvis Costello to Dianna Ross, Johnny Cash to Billie Holiday, Nina Simone to the Waifs. This broad range of musical influences is reflected in her genre-bending approach to songwriting. The music of St. South has its roots in guitar-driven folk melodies, dressed up with layers of tightly-produced electronic beats. Olivia’s vocals are distinctive and warm, weaving throughout the layers to create a sound that is original and instantly recognizable.”

Photos by Jeremy TanElla Wisniewski

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