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To celebrate GusGus‘ 25th anniversary as a band, the Icelandic duo made of Biggi Veira & Daníel Ágúst embark on a special forthcoming album due to be released in 2021. With it, will come special collaborations and the first to see light is the wonderful single “Higher” featuring the soaring vocals of Margrét Rán of the fellow Icelandic powerhouse Vök. The first single – out today – via their Oroom imprint and streaming across all respectable platforms out there.

In a true to form GusGus tour-de-force, with their signature kick drums and mesmerizing beat, building on tension and layering in some brilliance in with the melodies. The Icelandic duo tops their first single “Higher” with Margrét Rán‘s unmistakable vocal tone and performance you’ve been accustomed to as the lead singer for Icelandic band Vök. The result is the perfect, grandiosely produced track only an uber-collab like this could birth.

Watch GusGus’ official “Higher” video directed by Arni & Kinski below:

Synths aplenty, groove-driven and a sonic landscape that echoes the beauty in which the band is based (Reykjavik) but also evolves, known as Iceland. The track illustrates and rightfully portrays the creativity of that particular nation when it comes to music. Delivering complex, sometimes dizzying musical scapes with astonishing simplicity and effectiveness, GusGus knows how-to keep us entertained. It remains to be seen in a live setting. However, with the pandemic raging through Europe as we speak, we can only imagine. But rest assured. GusGus and Vök‘s vocal lead will no doubt leave us an unforgettable memory once it finally happens.

On this new collab’, Margrét Rán of band Vök says:

 “GusGus sure is a scary rollercoaster and I’m super excited to be a part of this upcoming era. I’ve been a fan for many years.”

GusGus x Vök - Higher - Sodwee.com


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