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Artwork by Elsa Parra & Johanna Benaïnous
Artwork by Elsa Parra & Johanna Benaïnous

Lenparrot was kind enough to offer us the chance to premiere his latest mixtape for our first ever GUESTMIX on Sodwee.com. Complete with a very french-tastic track list with tunes such as Aquaserge‘s brilliant “TVCQJVD”, Chassol‘s “Meredith Ultrascore” and many classic golden nuggets we had completely forgotten. Namely James Ray‘s marvelous “I’ve Got My Mind Set On You”, The Webs “It’s So Hard to Break the Habit” and to close the 30 minutes a perfect fit with Ted Lucas’ “Baby Where You Are”. See details below. Like, repost on your profiles dudes, dudettes. ENJOY.

Also before you set yourselves at playing this guest mix, we strongly suggest you listen to his latest track “Les Yeux En Cavale” he posted earlier last week. It’s a real great track and an artist to be watching over for the next months or so. He should be releasing his EP “Aquoibonism” in April via Atelier Ciseaux.

We thank Lenparrot for his time, kindness and the superb selection of tunes he shared with us today. And as a final note : the artwork was done by Elsa Parra & Johanna Benaïnous… Kudos to them too.

[title maintitle=”LENPARROT” subtitle=”NJNVP: A Mixtape // February 2015″]

  1. Ariel Kalma – Head Noises
  2. James Ray – I’ve Got My Mind Set On You
  3. The Dodos – Fools
  4. Aquaserge – TVCQJVD
  5. Bongwater – Bedazzled (Dudley Moore)
  6. Chassol – Meredith’s Ultrascore
  7. Vesuvio Solo – Avion
  8. Toro Y Moi – Lesson 223
  9. Good Morning – Warned You
  10. The Webs – It’s So Hard to Break the Habit
  11. Ted Lucas – Baby Where You Are

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