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You might not be able to listen to the track “Darkness” by Postaal as it is geo-blocked in some countries unfortunately. I have had trouble listening to it myself until it was freed from Universal Music Group’s tight grip on Soundcloud. The video on Youtube is still blocked here in France (very, very disappointing for a Band that prides itself for being half-French…) Anyway, forgive me if you can’t listen or watch to the video above. It’s entirely out of my own control. I could have decided not to cover it all together, but finding out the Soundcloud embed does work here and that I had promised i’d share with you guys, here it is…

Best, Ben.

Postaal is a band made up of two artists. Hervé from Paris, France and Dennis from Bournemouth in the UK. They’re not that new to the scene, and have already released a string of tracks that will culminate into a full-blown debut album in March of this year. That is, if they can figure out a way for people to actually listen to their stuff before hand, which is an entire other story. Alas, here we are, It’s Sunday, February 11th and I’m reviewing a track I was sent back at the end of January. The track was set to be released on February 2nd. So bear with me here. I could only share the track with sufficient assets for it to be worth your while…

Postaal are good friends with The Shoes and dabble in electro pop and house-music with a modern, futuristic twist to their sound. Dennis and Hervé met back in 2014 when Dennis was layering tracks for The Shoes on “Give It Away” and they connected on the spot. Hervé is from Paris, and grew up mid-90’s as he explains :

Nobody was playing music at home, but my older brother was into Jazz music. His influences were pretty eclectic: from Daft Punk to Serge Gainsbourg and Alain Bashung, from Metronomy to DJ Premier and Rodney Jerkins, and French artist Boby Lapointe so I had learned good taste within both classic and modern day music.

On the other side of the pond, Dennis is from Bournemouth, on the Southern coast of England. A seaside resort known for having 7 miles of beaches, Victorian architecture and buzzing nightlife…

Their newest track “Darkness” is a sharp slice of mid-1990’s inspired percussions with a definite catchy hook blended in the song. The vocals also work pretty damn well too. Turning the track into an allured, groovy one with a more majestic output and giving the song some attitude as a result. Listen to the track instead below (via Soundcloud) and watch the video if you can (we can’t, so consider yourselves lucky if you have that privilege).

Darkness was released via Polydor/Universal on 2nd February.

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