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[accordion] [item title=”BLOG SUMMER HIATUS”]As of June 30th, That music blog of mine will be forced to go on a summer hiatus for numerous reasons :

– a well deserved break is needed.
– packing for a move needs to be done.
– internet connection will be unreliable.
– as of tomorrow I have limited the number of concerts I will be attending to focus on all the above.

Sodwee.com will be back full throttle mid-August if everything goes to plan…

You can help us cover the hosting costs of the blog by clicking “donate” on the top menu… Every little helps dudes, dudettes !

And with that said, I say thank you and good night all. Spend some lovely summer holidays wherever you are.

Peace, sun cream & heat waves to you all.

Ben.[/item] [/accordion]

German electro-pop has no boundaries what so ever. When Lenparrot lead, Romain, hijacked (in a real nice way) my Facebook chat to present me with this brilliant new coming artist from Berlin called Ode Milk, I was in the middle of having a seizure and a real high bursting air bubbles from a bubble-wrap roll. And the trakc in question, soothed me down, calmed my nerves in such a way that I had to share here today as the last “Introducing” feature I am supposed to post before going on break. Tentatively to actually slow the pace down from blogging, get some well deserved rest and gear upwards to a move we’ve been planning for ages now. Which is actually happening ! Which is why I thought this particular track called “Seduce Me”, acting as the debut by female artist Ode Milk was the perfect match made in heaven:

I know that I told you I was done with you
I know that I told you and I were through

With an unmistakable visual direction that captivates your imagination when they first appear, Ode Milk manages the hard task of getting your attention within the endless and fast paced wall feeds, and constant stream of information that surrounds us all the time just with some really powerful , colorful images of a mutant-like human. Her music is to be heard has an integral part of the art presented before you :

[title maintitle=”Ode Milk – Seduce Me” subtitle=”Video directed by Johan Delétang”]

Follow Ode Milk on : Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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