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We at Sodwee.com try to follow up on artists and projects as closely as humanely possible with the amount of music we go through every day. Sometimes it’s a hard sell. Sometimes less so. With Drinker, a bi-coastal outfit from the US, Based equally out of Los Angeles and New York with band members Ariel and Aaron driving this newest track “Even If I Know” through to new heights. Coming together as a final product when the track evidently needs production time. Both artists realise the time they spend alone producing their share of the track on their time nearly finds a perfect match once they join efforts and ideas to birth another stunning song. It’s incongruous in its harmony and balance. Only highlighting the fact that the pair match their work and creativity to a tee.

A lot of the times the product isn’t just the distillation of time spent working together, but rather the product of our separate journeys in different places, and it always produces surprises. “Even If I Know” is an exciting step for us on this path as we find ways to coexist under one roof from such a great distance apart.

Make sure to follow Drinker and read on to deep a little further in their sonic history together. We can especially divert your attention to the interview led by Jon Vilardi a while back which is very insightful.


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