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Before anything else, here’s an all new exclusive track from Banquise, this brilliant band we discovered and featured on sodwee.com first a few months back… It’s from the upcoming Single “Machines” and it’s called “Tired Of Being Alone” (scroll down to read the interview)

Sodwee : Sodwee.com being based in Paris, in the 19th district… It’s a question we feel we need to ask : Do you live in Paris ? If it is the case, describe your neighborhood and why you love it… Does it influence your productions ? How about playing for a Parisian audience ? Or do you prefer playing elsewhere ? 

Banquise : We come from Bordeaux in the south east of France, we all originate from the région. It’s a city that revolves around water, which is an element that is highly influencial in our productions. On top of that, Bordeaux citizens are usually compared to cold herrings. Sticks to our band name pretty well we think.

What are the 3 tracks you cannot think of traveling without ?

  • Neil Young – Harvest Moon (So romantic…)
  • Sébastien Tellier – Roche (Because I usually fall asleep on this track when I travel.)
  • The Troggs – With A Girl Like You (We never know, if Johan finds himself a girl, we’ll have to sing something…)

Which artist or band have you last seen perform live ? 

The last ones : Zombie Zombie and Civil Civic.
Bonus : the next ones : The Buzzcocks, NZCA Lines and Electric Guest.

Describe your album / EP quoting 5 different town along the atlantic coast

Lacanau Océan is where Banquise was born… in winter and for the surf too.
Le Cap Ferret : for the pine smell and there’s a bunch of real hot girls down there, well loaded too! (check our track Hippie Tenderoni)…
Anglet : For the surf and the Basque culture
Biarritz : for the same reasons as Anglet and the last reason of Cap Ferret.
All the of the worlds pools : Banquise is a bit like a poolside party in December. We love water.

Which moment of the day is the best to listen to “Late Summer EP” ?

Late Summer” is a multi-situation EP :
– “Listen” to “Plaine St-Michel” while driving is pretty cool, to stop driving the italian way…
– “White Suit Brass” is better in the morning, when you’re late.
– “Our Victory” is for walking at night.
– “Hippie Tenderoni” when you want to dance at night
– “Low Speed” for a romantic evening with the person you’re in love with.
– “Hello” with a little depression at 4pm

The best local kebab you know ?

Kebab : The Capadocce in Bordeaux, without missing a heart beat. And they turn out to be a real restaurant too.

And a record store ?

Total Heaven in the ‘quartier de la Victoire’, shout out to Martial the big boss who is super cool.

When are you playing live next ?

To see us live, you’re gonna have to wait the end of our rehearsals which will include our latest tracks from the “Late Summer EP”… But rest assured, it’s coming very soon. Let’s say October this year…!

Any musical projects in the pipes ? Any nuggets to share ?

We’re always creating new stuff. At the moment we’re working on a new Single titled “Machines” and is built using machines mainly. The single will be about sincerity in friendships, love of course. Despite our cold name (Banquise) We’re pretty warm inside. We also have an exclusive track to share with Sodwee’s Readers it’s calle “Tired Of Being Alone” which also refers to Al Green.

Thanks Banquise, last question … Do you have a musical guilty pleasure ?

Arh… Johan :I take full responsability for the band… I’m currently listening to a childhood track : “Livin’ it Up” by Ja Rule ! I haven’t lost my darker gangsta rap side. As well as a Yo Gabba Joint featuring Chromeo that pushes them to wash hand… don’t ask me why. It’s in my top 25 most played on my iTunes… Go figure.
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