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This is a whole new series, where artist will be answering random questions about themselves, Parisian way of life and give you their take on the French Capital and its cultural underbelly. First up is TWO MOONS who we’ve featured earlier on in the month

Sodwee : Sodwee.com being based in Paris, in the 19th district… It’s a question we feel we need to ask : Do you live in Paris ? If it is the case, describe your neighborhood and why you love it… Does it influence your productions ? How about playing for a Parisian audience ? Or do you prefer playing elsewhere ? 

Two Moons : I live in my bedsit, in front of my keyboard, sound blasting through my headphones.

What are the 3 tracks you cannot think of traveling without ?

  • Amy Winehouse ‘Tears Dry On Their Own’
  • MGMT ‘Electric Feel’ Justice Remix
  • Lescop ‘La Forêt’.

Which artist or band have you last seen perform live ? 

Louis Perez, not very well know but to my eyes, a real artist.

Describe your album / EP quoting 5 different stations from the Paris subway network with a little explanation… 

St-Paul, Tuileries, Pigalle, Père Lachaise et Faubourg du Temple. Five stations that inspire me for my creations, wether it’s for the vintage/underground feel of St-Paul and Pigalle, the bass rhythm pounding from the Fashion Week marquees in Tuileries (that you can hear all the way from Concorde), via the atmosphere of late night around Faubourg du Temple to the aura that elevates from the Père Lachaise cemetery…

Which moment of the day is the best to listen to “Funky Girl” ?

One needs to listen to ‘Funky Girl’ in a pre-party warm up… when choosing the nights outfit, adjusting your hairdo or better yet along the metro ride so that you start your night on a refreshing soulful note.

The best local kebab you know ?

Head out to Porte de Versailles, look for Hibou’s restaurant and burst your stomach on one of his kebabs !

The Ultimate Street-Credibility faux-pas ?

I believe you need to stick to your own ways. The faux-pas would be inventing a life you don’t have.

When are you playing live next ?

If everything goes to plan, I should be starting to play live towards the end of 2012 or begining of next year, when my EP will be ready and I’ve organised myself to be able to play it live.

Any musical projects in the pipes ? Any nuggets to share ?

I need to finish my EP first, and I’d like to produce a band. I’m currently remixing Starcadian ‘He^rt’

Thanks Two Moons, last question … Do you have a musical guilty pleasure ?

Martin Solveig ‘The Night Out’. Simple yet effective.

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