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With smooth R&B melodies and danceable rhythms for good measure. UK singer/songwriter Asha Gold delivers her third track “Debut” after releasing two promising tracks titled “Passenger” and “Too Good”. This third one, is part of a forthcoming EP released on September 18, via Bad Key Records.

Produced by Mitch Jones, and written by Asha Gold during the quarantine over Zoom sessions. “Debut” took its final shape as a clear therapeutical potion for wellness in part due to the great upbeat percussion line and that brilliant piano propping the silky vocals delivered by Asha Gold.

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“It’s about falling in love for the first time, so it has this sense of innocence and sweetness throughout — navigating unfamiliar feelings, fighting those feelings off, and then eventually giving into them knowing they are genuine and not something to be scared of.”  Asha Gold

That vocal performance lingers through like a very soft cloud just caressing your skin. Sometimes with a ray of sunlight piercing through when Asha Gold unleashes the highs and rawest feelings.

‘Debut’ by Asha Gold is out 18th September via BAD KEY RECORDS.


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