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From Toulouse, France, comes another young band with great ambitions and decidedly great backing so far. Called Ruby Cube, the band had not come to our attention before today and a casual email sent in by the lead singer himself… We had already covered Kid Wise in the past -whom also are from the Pink City located in Southern France- and this time, the Ruby Cube quintet has finally got that spark we’re always looking out for and we’ve fallen for the fresh take on indie-pop music they deliver and the masterfully directed videos of course. A combination of creativity with clever, witty lyrics, the adequate production pushing the music that little further, farther than what’s around at the moment. And I honestly think the 5-piece has it.

Just take a look at their “Lobster & Cherries” video to fully grasp the nonsense I’m trying to communicate here. The video is a hella lot of fun to watch, very Gondry-esque on so many levels. Also the clear references to Stranger Things in the last video they released for “Blood In Love” clearly makes a statement of intent for the bright future ahead musically for these peeps.

[imagebox maintitle=”” subtitle=”buy single on iTunes” image=”https://sodwee.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/14692102_10154582288956115_5166558901734454729_o.jpg” color=”white” space=”150″ link=”https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/blood-in-love-single/id1164540469″]

As Samson (lead singer) for Ruby Cube states in the introductory email he sent me this afternoon: “they’re a young 5-piece band trying to share a passion for music with the rest of the world. their ‘visible’ influences ranges from Joy Division to Metronomy, Breton and Two Doors Cinema Club, but are also huge fans of soul music, jazz and hip hop. The diversity of their tastes has pushed them to create by gathering what they love, what inspires them, and make it theirs. The band also finds every form of creation exciting, and take enormous pleasure participating in the elaboration of the music videos.

Ruby Cube is comprised of Samson on lead vocals and synths, Arthur on Drums and vocals, Joseph on guitar and synths, Eliott on guitar and vocals and Christophe on bass duties. All five of them seems very at ease on stage, and in front of cameras. Making them as approachable live as they are in real life.

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