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Hey Los Angeles! That’s fine music you have here !

The elusive HABIBIBOI graces our “Introducing” series with his post-arabic footwork as Thomas from HumanHuman would rightfully call it.. Known for his transcontinental club vision, unknown to the rest of the world, this LA producer defies the all too common Western club vocabulary and dives into his deep well of gathered beats from beyond your traditional alleys, fly with him around the world, and he’ll deliver the finest cut of production with atypical Middle Eastern influence. We jumped on his Bandcamp page too, where he’s selling the whole Young Abu Dhabi EP for a mere $5… We can highly recommend you get yourself a copy of course, or even go catch his set at one of the local venues (in L.A. for now it seems).

We would also highly recommend his Cybersonic set available in full here



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