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We weren’t surprised at the massive punch BAUM, born Sabrina Teitelbaum, managed to pack in such a heart wrenching and well-written song. After delivering must-play tracks such as “Fuckboy”, “Hot Water” or old favourite “This Body”. BAUM is back in top-form, bound for great things in the near future with tracks of this quality. The bridge, the build-up and the release in this new slice of music are to die for. Just goes to show you only need a voice, lyrics that feel like the sharpest edge of a mean chef’s knife on top of a minimalistic instrumental to make things come together. It’s chemistry an art form in itself. BAUM knows how and the result is just brilliance. Back when she released her 2018 debut EP ‘Ungodly’, BAUM answered Jon a few questions in an interview. Since then, the songstress has been hard at work creating new music.

I didn’t care when you still were around
Why did it take ’til you’re six in the ground?
To say that I’m sorry for the things that went down

Today, BAUM unleashed “Bad Kid”, a ruminative number about losing someone close, bringing the listener into a very intimate space of hers. Shedding light on her guilt, grief and despair in the most effective, and evocative way ever. It’s a beautiful track and performance, you must take a listen:

BAUM reveals this meaning behind “Bad Kid”:

“This is the most special song to me and the most vulnerable one that I’ve written. It’s about losing someone and wishing you could go back and fix everything that happened, just put your relationship in a pretty box.”


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