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Life is just too short to be listening to bland pop music. Any garden variety tune can ricochet around in your head, but wouldn’t you rather a song that slaps you in the face? With “Pretty Girls”, Toronto’s BAD CHILD looks to rough you up a little in the best way, connecting with a one-two combo of catchy and gritty.

There are no smooth edges on “Pretty Girls”, nothing that would imply it’s the sort of track that could slip through your hands without leaving a mark. This is a song with teeth, full of grooves that dig into the ground, melodies that wrest you back and forth, and lyrics wrapped in a wry smile – a bad attitude that sounds so good.

So if I’m a little bit blue
Just one of my bad habits
But I like what you do
Let’s just call it magic

BAD CHILD‘s first body of work, SIGN UP, is out now in conjunction with this single. So, if you’re into genre bending jams with a high octane rating, “Pretty Girls” is just the beginning.


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