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Audience ! Thanks for tuning in earlier for our impromptu broadcast. It was the best show so far with skypecallers galore, chill tunes, groovin’ tracks MotherOfSodwee towards the end bringing her unique touch.

Thanks to the genius folks back at Mixlr.com/sodwee, you are able to listen over again to the whole broadcast if you missed it ! Or download the entire show in mp3 format further down this page…

We would like to thank every single listeners for tuning in today! In no particular order, special thanks to Amanda, Melissa, Kelly, Jarad, Alex, Othman, Carlos, Dahlia and the many many others that joined us today! It’s always a pleasure to have you have you around.

[download id=”383″]

download mp3 of the show

or check the show’s individual page here


Finally if you are looking for the particular playlist we featured called CLOUDSPOTTING you are welcome to download the ZIP file containing 4 hours non-stop of chilled music, relaxing tracks you’d definitely want to be listening to if you’re taking the plane soon… It’s all very much free of charge, although we ask you to tweet/post a status about it on your facebook/twitter news feed !

download the Cloudspotting playlist…



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