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It’s Here, and we’ve packed the ZIP archive to the max with some of the greatest, freshest and only the best new music lately. We’ve been very busy with moving MotherOfSodwee around the good ol’ France so it was kinda hard to get Sundaze #96 out to ya’ll in time. We decided to throw a double whammy this weekend and release both today (time permitting). Get your copy below and enjoy it as much as we did. Beijos ! Plenty of rap and hip-hop to go by in this edition : GET READY.

Also extending our immense gratitude towards the working machine that is Paul Grelet for keeping up with the amazing output, he’s a busy dude these days, so we appreciate his consistency and goes without saying : his genuine brilliance… Visit his portfolio right here to check out his work and enjoy your day, wherever you might be…

Sundaze #96

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