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Pell - Floating While Dreaming - sodwee.com - MIXTAPEPell (real name Jared Pellerin) is a fresh face in rap/hip-hop from New Orleans, now residing in Missisissipi, after being forced to relocate in the wake of Katrina with some pretty darn awesome talent. He made quite a name for himself with the EP “Feel Good Summer” back in 2013. Today however, its his full length album/mixtape named “Floating While Dreaming” we’d like to introduce, to you , dear reader.

Pell is true star in the making, judging by the downloads and the hits the chap is currently clocking in on various mixtape hosting services, he’s quickly going global. Thankfully, I jumped on his fast moving wagon (call it a rocket) just in time to enjoy his “Floating While Dreaming” dollops of plain awesome material, before unleashing the PR machines and media vultures upon the masses…

The production throughout the mixtape is flawless. Most of the time compared to Chance The Rapper, I find some of his flow is more akin to a certain Andre 3000 and the Outkast lind of vibe. Pell, however, dubs it dream-rap, and I couldn’t agree more. We’re not here to compare but we’ve uploaded the otherwise free mixtape here for your convenience and enjoyment… According to his Facebook page, Pell also likes Kilo Kish, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Danny Brown and Theophilus London. Too much good taste can’t kill anyone, right ?

Favorite track : The Never Ft. LV Baby

That’s how it makes me feel, like I’m in paradise. Yes, at times there can be trouble in paradise and those same clouds can spout rain and we aren’t always prepared with an umbrella. 

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