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The Overture is a one-man-project from Copenhagen, Denmark, by singer and multi-instrumentalist Aske F. Ruhe. It’s pretty irrelevant to be pinning down his music onto the “pop” board like many other acts out there. The Overture takes a different path. A road to everywhere as genres go : from progressive rock, indie, electronic pop and blues this guy knows how.

As CITR points out, “the production on the vocals needs to be worked on”. I for instance haven’t come to this conclusion, because I’m probably deaf and un-qualified to be throwing my 2 cent into something I really like. Especially when it comes to the track “As We Change”. Such a soul-driven number and solo guitar work which needed to get some of your attention. It’s clear, this guys is into something and if he gets in hands dirty should be able to produce something quite special. Download these two track below, and follow his online profile for upcoming material :

Download : The Overture – As We Change  Download : The Overture – A River Running Wild 

Follow The Overture on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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