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Buy Limited 10' Vinyl of the EP

Buy Limited 10′ Vinyl of the EP

Take five individuals, forming a band simply called WHITE and all hailing from Glasgow in the UK. Throw in a little Electric Six (for the hard-hitting glam-rock side of the band), David Bowie, the dance-floor readiness of LCD Soundsystem, and to round things nicely, the anthemic power of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” (especially on “Recreational TV”). Shake the whole mixture thoroughly and you get an accurate picture of what I’m currently blasting throught the hi-fi system, with great satisfaction might I add. The five-piece is coming clean today as they release their debut ‘Cuts That Don’t Bleed’ EP. A compelling body of work consisting of 4 tracks and the lead single called “Private Lives” that will have you up and frantically dancing in no time at all. Head-bopping to the heavy hitting drums and frantic bass/guitars supporting lead singer Leo Condie and his brilliant effort on the whole EP.

The debut EP from WHITE, ‘Cuts That Don’t Bleed’ is out Friday 4th November 2016 on all major platforms.

Released on limited edition 10” vinyl with Glaswegian indie label, Dead Beet Records, the five track EP is an early clever christmas gift that should act in place of the by now anticipated debut album which is set for release next year.

Lead singer Leo Condie on “Private Lives” :

Private Lives is about the ways people escape themselves, keeping their voices out of sight. It’s about how nothing can truly be hidden away, and how maybe nobody wants to hide these things anymore…


Previously released tracks from WHITE

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