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It’s nearing the end of 2020. We’re situated in the greyest of Parisian weather smack right in the middle of a lockdown and located in the bustling 19th district of my hometown. It’s kinda cold out there. Temperatures hovering in the low single digits. Yet, comforting rays of aural sunshine manage to pierce through the thickness of the absurd times we have thrown at us on the daily.

Sabrina Bellaouel is a brilliant Franco-Algerian producer based out of the French capital (Paris) and is quickly becoming one of the artists I could vouch for this year and the future. Placing my bets on a fantastic and well-earned shift of gears for the success of her career. Simply put, the second I play some of her music, I find myself thrown into brutally soothing synesthesia of sorts. Being dropped in a warm hazy colour overload just hearing the soundscapes piling in my earholes.

Listen to “Float” by Sabrina Bellaouel

Roaming the Paris musical scene with absolute mastery, Sabrina Bellaouel already has a number of projects under her belt. Her debut EP released in 2016 was produced by no other than Myth Syzer, Loubenski and Rahman. Followed closely with a sophomore released in 2018 titled “Illusions” and collaborated with the cream of the crop including Ichon, Bonnie Banane, The Hop and Jazzy Bazz to name just a bunch.

Blending seductive R&B to electronic and upbeat instrumentals. From gospel to flamenco rhythms. Sabrina Bellaouel‘s music, just like those warm rays of morning sunshine just, is a blessing in disguise. It’s very sensual, emotionally driven and firmly rooted within the urban landscapes she’s had the chance to live in over the years including Paris, Rotterdam, London et le North-Africa. Every track on her “Libra” EP is an instant classic in my own ears. Check them it out now over at Bandcamp.

Listen to my fave track “Wish You Were Home”

Sabrina Bellaouel‘s “Libra” EP was released on November 27, 2020 via InFiné Records.

Sabrina Bellaouel - Libra EP - Sodwee.com

“Libra” EP by Sabrina Bellaouel.

Photos by Louis Muller Diettert.


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