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Winter’s upon us, and what better tune to usher in the change of seasons than one with “seasonal” right in the name. Sydney’s AnnaLina is here to impress with her debut single “It’s Seasonal”, drawing on classic R&B and future-facing Indie-Pop alike for a lush sound that’s got hints of frost and rays of sun alike.

Listen to AnnaLina’s “It’s Seasonal” below:

AnnaLina - It's Seasonal - Sodwee.com

A reflection on love won and lost, “It’s Seasonal” distils some profound themes and feelings into a comfortable, smooth musical libation. With this being AnnaLina’s first foray into the spotlight after being a backing vocalist and vocal arranger, she really shines straight away with a gorgeous presence on the track. That experience as a back-up singer really makes an impact when it comes to just how lush the layers of singing can be here. Carefree and warm, the production takes the vibe to all of the chill, dreamy places it wants to go.

Over and over
Never talk when we’re sober
It feels cold on my neck
Then it’s warmed by your breath

For Fans Of (#FFO): Jorja Smith, H.E.R, Kaiit, Ruel, Emily King…

Get relaxed, get happy. “It’s Seasonal” has all the right textures for a warm night in when it’s cold out, and makes for a stellar debut from this Aussie up-and-comer.

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