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Things have changed dramatically over the course of the past ten years. Everything in fact has changed. I’m not the young traveling Airboy no more, I have quietened down a notch, hopefully became a little wiser and certainly older.

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The blog started 10 years ago as a way to shed some light at artists, tracks, and trends all over the world as I was flying for a living, and documenting the whereabout for interested family members. Taking pictures of the Great Wall of China, the Sydney Opera House, New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge, The Christchurch Gondola, Nairobi’s crazy BBQ restaurant, Tripoli’s (Lybia) ancient ruins, Osaka’s castle and many more. Those pictures were generally paired with a local track I’d heard about whilst on location or been recommended to by the hotel concierge, a cab driver when he could communicate with me or even a nice passenger on the inbound flight. I got to open my cultural portfolio so much in those years that the blog quickly became a must destination for aviation industry aficionados and music lovers alike.

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Ten years ago, Internet wasn’t what it is nowadays. Back then ugly was the keyword. Nothing was as dapper as things looks now. Responsive, CSS, and pixel-perfect weren’t part of any web developer’s vocabulary. It was rather slow, and Facebook had just gone global. You could poke and ugly GIFs were the norm in every website. Take a look at the Internet Archive and you’ll be amazed at how things have evolved in such short period of time. As years dwindle by, things got better, internet speed wasn’t such an hindrance no more, we could store more files on our computer and fully bask in multimedia content online and at home. Making the blogging experience even richer and more enjoyable for the end user.



The punchline/slogan “Purveyors Of Street-Credibility in the Music Industry since 2006” came by as I was in London looking at old shop signs and remembered one of my friends in Paris talking about Street-Credibility or Street-Crédibilité as he’d put it. The rest is history. Here’s an example :

Back when I started building and maintaining websites, I can clearly remember coding every single page on Dreamweaver (yeah you know : not having learnt how to automate stuff, and not having come across any decent blogging platforms). It was on Dad’s newly purchased iMac. The dream machine for anyone who wanted to create. We still have it, it’s with the other computer we cherished so much, nicely tucked away in the basement in a dust proof box of course. This machine was a godsend :

I cannot celebrate without at least mentioning the fantastic work the team of contributors has put out over the years. From interviews, to discoveries… They’re an integral part of the success of the blog (you can click on each thumbnail to access the archive and get to know them individually) :

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Having a blog also means a lot of networking takes place, whether it is online, or in real life. I met some pretty rad individuals over the years, from PRs, to visitors, via Labels, artists, producers, booking agents, blog owners, radios, managers and many more… All of them are people I care about greatly and who’ve played a significant role in the development and rise to success of the blog. I can’t list them all, but those I speak to, write to daily know. Thanks for everything.

Also I wanted to shout out specifically to Paul Grelet and thank him again for providing the cover art for our irregular Sundaze Playlists here are a few of them to give you an appreciation of the work he’s put in. Visit his portfolio website to see even more of his kick arse designs, illustrations and overall skill: www.paulgrelet.com

Finally the blog’s longevity in the internet realm wouldn’t be without the repeat visitors, and loyal readers that flock in daily for fresh music tidbits and random rants. Thanks for coming back and reading through. Thanks for being such good sports. For suggesting so many crazy good tunes and for making the blog what it is today.


PS: We should have a limited number of handmade heavy duty tote bags to giveaway soon. Stay tuned for those in the coming weeks.

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