New single by Xul Zolar – ‘Fear Talk’ will haunt your weekend.

Something draws you into “Fear Talk”, something nearly indescribable. Maybe the track’s guitar lines? Or is it the spacey synth combined with the vocals? That SOHN like intro? Whatever the reason, Cologne-based band Xul Zolar have mastered the feeling to pull the listener into their music. The band has a pretty on point explanation for it: “Much like the paintings of the Impressionists, their music conveys a feeling of nostalgia and immediacy, an aura of romanticism.”

“Fear Talk” is the title track of homonymous forthcoming debut, and the second single to date after releasing “Soft Drones”. Another great moment. The band draws influences and inspiration from artists such as The Smiths, Talking Heads or Phil Collins and got Marvin Horsch on producing duties to deliver a modern record in every aspect. On “Fear Talk” the use of electronic elements isn’t hidden, rather put forth with pride. You’ll also find processed vocals soar through the synths and guitars like a phoenix.

Fear Talk is the 2nd Single from Xul Zolar’s homonymous debut record, out January 19th on Asmara Records / Rough Trade.

Don’t miss out on “Soft Drones” and “NYE”, add Xul Zolar to your must haves, pre-order their debut offering, and follow their musings on the socials.


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Last modified: August 25, 2018

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