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Bonnnjoouuur ! How are my favorite people doing today ? Good. We have another playlist to share with you masses on this Tuesday afternoon. A playlist put together with the immense help of Tall Ben, a very good friend of mine here in Paris. We’ve known for quite some time now, we first met at the CDG airport in Paris on our way to Dubai (DXB) for our new job as Flight Attendants for Emirates Airline. Water as flown under the bridge, it’s been an eventful 5 years so far and we decided to build a commemorative playlist of what embodies childhood states, childhood moments and states of mind. From voices to melodies and so forth. It all started with one song in particular M83’s brilliant track called “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire” which is of course featured in the playlist (below in different formats) and we clicked so well onto that band-wagon that other tracks surfaced very easily in the following couple of hours. Here is the result. You can download the entire playlist with all the files needed in mp3 format, or listen right here below with the grooveshark widget (at the bottom of the page) or even and that is new to us ! Directly in Spotify if you use it :

listen now on Spotify or click on cover art to download ZIP archive :

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Thanks again for stopping by. Best, Ben.