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A two piece band that inboxed their work earlier on this week has caught my attention. MYOON makes pretty cool sounds, hail from my favorite hometown : PARIS and they’ve authorised me to offer you their Florence + The Machine cover of “You Got The Love”. Listen and download (right-click + save as…) below :

MYOON – You Got The Love (Florence + The Machive Cover) [audio:https://sodwee.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/You-Got-The-Love-Myoon-Cover.mp3]

On top of this pretty cool cover, they’ve got a cool EP named “Feeling Soft Here” available on iTunes for purchase or to listen via their Soundcloud profile (below)…

A little biography and background for you dear readers :

“If you are willing to know more about the name, don’t search for a potential answer on wikipedia…

According to an ancient belief, Myoon is an imaginary character whose name means « wonderful sound ».

« a ray of hope, a timeless radiation », for Charles and Augustin, as Buddha has the special ability to take the shape and appearance of whatever he wants to, in order to propagate sound and harmony. In the end, for Augustin, « music is shapes, modulations and waves. It’s the combination of multiple sounds that makes it what it is. »

It is this specific harmony and diversity that the two brothers cultivate through a music that remains a little atmospheric in addition to being completely ethereal… As the name of their band is.”

Myoon is a two brother enterprise :


“It’s clear to him: « don’t go ahead of yourself ». Nothing should go too fast. Still, he spent half of the 24 years he’s old mixing. With one thing in mind: producing his music. At 14, Augustin buys his first tuntables. With his musician friends, he makes his debuts. The nightlife, electronic music, rythms: he kwows this well. It lasted 4 years. 4 entire years mixing old stuff (U2, Police, The Cure) with recent stuff (Etienne de Crécy, Phoenix, Lykke Li) in order to create his own music. But as no one is serious when his 17, he turns to the technical side. After two years studying sound design at the école supérieure de réalisation audiovisuelle, he starts his own business. His ability to work fast and to provide constant quality work lead him to multiple collaborations. For the past year and a half, this workaholic has been standing there, straight, in his New Wave environment.”


“It’s his opening to the world that got the two brothers together 2 years ago. Eclectic, musical. At home, it’s classical music. That’s what he remembers of his mudical childhood. Followed by Joy Division, New Order, Sting, Dépêche mode… Many possibilities that Charles keeps exploring during teenage years that were musically inspired. At the age of 14, he founds his first band and is the singer. The band falls apart, he gives up his pop rock influences and gives himself to metal-rock. He writes his own lyrics. Torn between his acting career and his passion for music, he chooses the family love: music. Strong of this complicity with his younger brother, he starts writing with him the first tracks of what will later become this EP.”

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