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Still sweating from their first headlining gig at Espace B yesterday evening, I bring you today the total awesomeness that is Blue Hawaii live. Do not be fooled by the relative calm aura to the tracks they’ve posted here and there on the interwebs. This duo from Montreal, signed to the same record gang Arbutus, also home to Grimes, Majical Cloudz and many others from ‘that’ very talented and forthcoming Canadian scene. A live performance by Blue Hawaii is what you need to witness first and foremost. While their material sounds gentle and soothing on your home-stereo, the live set is what brings the damn thing to friggin’ life. And I weigh my words here dudes, dudettes. It was one of the best gigs we’ve been so far this year, very bass heavy and with dance-floor killing pieces, ethereal soundscapes and high-pitched vocals all blended into that thumping sound we all love once in a while (or day in, day out depending on your substance intake really). We definately recommend this prolific duo anyday ! So here’s what you can expect from them :

Blue Hawaii tells the story of a lush paradise. The way begins ambient and uncertain, but beautiful white shell beaches and carefree sunshine parties await and nourish those travelers with love in their hearts; their peace thus raised above the arguments found along the rocky road. The duo consists of Raph (Braids) and Agor; they use voice, guitars, synths, drum machines, and other electronics to create a kind of tropical-pop with love ache melodies and experimental club rhythms.

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