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We received a feedback request from Los Angeles four-piece Karmic today and thought they deserved a little more than my sole feedback. So we’re featuring them and their awesome video in an introducing piece for all of our readers to enjoy. You’ll find all sorts of influences clashing in this tightly produced track called “Lighthouse”, part of an upcoming EP set to be released this year. The band is currently working on music. Karmic is the wonder-child of two female singers Laura Baruch & Kylee Katch from Los Angeles, DJ/producer Samuel Murphy from Seattle and a multi-instrumentalist slash producer Peter Kastner from Austria.

Karmic apparently derives from the word Karma.

As Baruch tells Consequence of Sound:

“Lighthouse” all began on a piano as she looked out onto a foggy beach. I thought about how sometimes we tend to get into a dark place in our lives, and like the boats coming into shore on a foggy day, we need the help of a lighthouse. Your lighthouse can be anyone or anything that helps you get through a dark time and find a light that brings you home.

Just as good as the track sounds, you really need to take the video for a spin too. It took roughly a year to complete and at 12 frames per second, it is a lot to take on. The result is undoubtedly astonishing. Blending anime, lines, watercolor in a dark atmosphere, and bursting with color here and there, the video transcribes perfectly the essence of the track it illustrates. Directed by @MASSgrfx, the band Karmic can be proud of the work put into their first track off of their forthcoming EP. Keep a close eye on this talented Los Angeles outfit. More to be dropped soon enough.

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