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A daydreamer’s anthem” is the way Norwegian MC Ivan Ave describes his latest track “Hope/Nope”, produced by Sasac. We’d go so far as to say this track feels like a daydream in and of itself, complete with all the wistful, spaced-out vibes of staring out the window.

This is a tune that seems to hover in the air after it leaves your speakers, defined by whirling sorta sound that’s part escapism, part war cry. Ivan’s verse is understated yet powerful, exploring both the world at large and the one between his ears with equal attention.

This that shit I be talkin’ about
Sasac be deep-frying all of your minds
This that shit you can’t sleep on
Like benches designed by the right

Ivan’s latest LP Double Goodbyes is set to drop April 24th, so mark your calendars, and hit play (above).


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