Conor Author

Conor (formerly Teddy Au Top). 25yrs. Copenhagen-based Northern Irish electro musician. Found himself in Paris, on a 5yr long feast, which, indeed, turned out to be moveable.

ITW – ANYA | Conor sits down with Anya at Spot Festival


My first encounter with Anya, hors-email, is 25 minutes after my arrival in Aarhus, through a wall: on my way to ArOs museum, I overhear her soundcheck. Shortly afterwards she...

ITW – Liss | Conor spoke to the fast-rising Danish band At SPOT Festival in Denmark


I arrive at Café Vestergade in Liss’ home city of Aarhus, which is buzzing thanks to Spot Festival, ten minutes ahead of our 1pm meeting time. Jonas, my friend/photographer...

ITW – Kentaur | Conor talks to Marc & Mikkel from Kentaur at Spot Festival.


Wine bar/restaurant, Castenskiold, by Aarhus’ river is where I meet the Kentaur guys, Marc and Mikkel. Sadly, I narrowly miss their gig, but they understand. It’s...

Teddy Au Top x Sodwee | #PanamaPapers


PRESS ► ON PLAYLIST☝︎… ‘Hallo. Hier spricht John Doe.’ Alright, in fact, it’s Teddy Au Top and I don’t have any data to hand over. I have my first playlist X...