KID WISE : live in Paris !

KiD WiSE is an up-and-coming group on it’s way to become the very new LESCOP and the darlings of the Parisian music scene. Having extensively toured the Toulouse region and been featured in our #Flashmoblogging event on the first of January as well as many other cyber-outlets and famous Inrockuptibles magazine. This brilliant 5-piece ensemble (includes a belgian violin), led by charismatic Augustin Charnet, the heart of the project, is going to perform live in Paris on two occasions.

And we cannot stress enough how much these guys rock and will blow your mind off, see for yourself with this 11 minute long PEPLUM-esque live rendition of “Funeral” :

Make sure you get your arses down for their live debut in the french capital (Paris) as these guys will rise, rise more and never stop rising…

March 16th 2013

@ l’International, Paris. (w/NOIR CŒUR)


March 17th 2013

for a special DJ set (secret location)

Kid Wise live in Paris -


We can only strongly recommend you name your price on this beautiful “La Sagesse” EP :

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