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A month and seven days before I lift off for sunny 26° celsius Dubai, and that’s a fact. I’ve practically finished all the stuff I need to bring over (documents wise), have just booked a photoshoot for those pictures, done another set of X-rays. I only need to go shopping for Shirts, T-shirts, Shorts, Havanaïa flops because they are the only one I dare to wear. The Others look dead cheap. Maybe a pair of shades and finally a big ass suitcase. Mum should be part of the expedition this coming Saturday, and maybe my Aunt that is coming over from Kent ! Should be fun.

Otherwise, well nothing much happening. The search for a flatmate has ended, A few hours after posting the ad in numerous watering holes aka FrogPubs, not to name them, I got a response. Amazing how Paris is saturated with people looking for homes. It is actually a crisis here. Looking for a place here is a nightmare. So when a big flat is up on the market for so little money, you get rushed into ! Amazing. Should be moving out pretty soon if every goes to plan, like around the 15-17th of February. I’ll be camping on Mum & Dad’s balcony until I leave on the 14th of March.

That's the best I could do to illustrate the post !
That’s the best I could do to illustrate the post !

Not much is happening here in France, a part from the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy got married, to a model named Carla Bruni. She also sings but you wouldn’t know her because that’s how well she sings. And that french are passionate about the “Super Tuesday” frenzyness that is going on by Oncle Sam’s.

Voilà quoi. That’s all for now. Back to our ordinary lives. Sorry I haven’t got any musical goodies. Will try to post one up soon. Come back for more !

  1. hey i really enjoyed reading your pieces!! After viewing your blog i was shocked when i read that you’re departing on the 14th march..me too!!!!!
    I started the count down in january when they told me…so excited!!!
    We might be in the same training batch : )
    All the best
    Maria from Australia

  2. Hey man, congratulations on the golden call and the final confirmation call! I am assuming your DOJ is sometime in mid March.

    I received my golden call two weeks ago and in the process of completing the long ass medicals lol. DOJ in May 2nd.

    Wanted to say how jealous I am of your blog lol. I have started a blog of my own wanting to write about my EK incidents and experiences,.. but it’s obviously going to be no where comparable to yours. Very cool template you’ve created.

    Good luck and keep up the posting! I’m interested to know what things will be like the moment you arrive in Dubai,.. what you wish you would have brought,.. and what the accomodation is like.


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