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Yesterday’s Saturday Blow Out with the french friend circle of mine was a total success in every way possible. Although earlier in the afternoon we had great difficulty organising and communicating the venue. Each of the organisers had a different plan in mind and texting everyone with theirs. Making it hugely confusing for the attendees. None the less, after a phone briefing, we managed to set a one off party at a friends of mine : Paul, very near to Bastille, very central and big enough to cater for at least 20 of us ! We were celebrating my leaving, Ivan’s leaving to unknown lands and Remi’s Birthday.

Went round the supermarket to load up on goodies, pizzas and beer. Then headed to Paul’s place. And on went the partyyyyyy. Pictures are here to attest (click to enlarge) :


Ben finally having his lapdanceMarie, enceintePaul & BlaiseMarieHeloisePierreBlaisePierreHeloiseMarie, enceinteAnthony & JulieAnthonyAnthony > Julien DoréPeeps singing QueenHadrienBen & HadrienHeloiseBen, work in progressIvaxAnthony & HeloiseHeloise & MartinAnthonyHeloise & BenAléri & Hadrien
Anthony & HeloiseAnthony, club tropicanaHeloiseAnthony air drummingAlexandra & JohannHeloise & HadrienBen finally having his lapdanceMartin & Aléri : from BaltimoreMartin & Aléri : from BaltimoreManon, Julie & AnthonyAnthony > Julien DoréManon, Julie & AnthonyHeloiseJulieRémiPaul, Anthony & RémiAléri, Hadrien, Heloise & MarieJulie & AlériHadrien & AnthonyAnthonyAlériAnthony & JulieHadrien, Julie & HeloiseJulieAnthony & HeloiseAléri, Hadrien & HeloiseIvan & JohannRémi, Alex Yann : comédie musicaleRémiPaul the Tatt MastaInk MasterAnthony & JulieMarie & PaulHeloise & HadrienAnthony & ManonHadrienAnthony & HeloiseBen finally having his lapdanceAnthony > Julien DoréIva toujours au maxIvax au maxMarie, AnthonyHeloise & MarieMarie singing QueenAlex & Yann : comédie musicaleBlaise & IvaxBenHadrien & AlexandraPierreJulie, Anthony & MarieAnthonyManon, Julie, Anthony & RémiPierreAnthony AKA JackyInk Master

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