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Happy Birthday Bro. Have fun, drink moderately. Unfortunately, I will be in New York and unable to attend the shenaningans. Will you forgive me ? I’ll will try my best to call you from the Big Apple so you get a feel of how good my layover is !! I did write this five weeks ago, it’s called a scheduled post so that I do not forget to say Happy Bday. Ain’t it cool !?? When I turned 20 I was forced to drink a yard of ale at 8 o’ clock in the evening and finish the soiree with 20 shots of tequila, salt and lime… You can only imagine how I felt after that. I think I didn’t even come back home that day so I could detox and face Mother with dignity.

  1. What d’ ya mean you drank a yard of ale and 20 shots of “sudden death” or it’s alcoholic equivalent for your 20th?????? You’re lucky you saw 20 years and 1 hour after all that ! If I’d known….and I’m happy to report that brother of sodwee is holding up his end nicely with a sober and god-fearing approach to LIFE in general….and went to bed with a cup of cocoa and a dry biscuit last night….didn’t you Nick???

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